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My Bio

Wanna see my life in my own eyes? Click on the personal link then go and search for Dancing Amoeba Devon. I am 1000% All Canadian Made, No Substitutions added, Grade A Prick one minute and the nicest guy in the world the next. No way to tell with me. Well unless I'm with a cute girl that I like, then I'm a good guy. But I am mostly the silent-loner type. I am seriously freaky in real life. I wear black almost everyday (not all black, just black tear-aways and sometimes a black shirt) but I am not a goth. And I have this vibe about me that intimidates some people. (Probably because I hardly ever smile and I look very angry a lot). I have a semi-girlfriend, named Tamara. Semi-girlfriend is pretty much we like each other a lot but she isn't ready to make a big commitment, like dating tons. So we go on dates maybe once a month and I really enjoy the time I spend with her. I am hoping she is the one for me.

My Occupation

Girl-checker-outer. I check out girls for a living, lol, yeah and they check me out in return.

My Hobbies

I like to play Nerf, hanging out with friends, and checking out girls while they check me out. But one of my hobbies, my least favourite but most popular so far is me being rejected. But I used teach Karate classes, on Saturdays, but now I usually sleep in till 1pm , occasionaly I will go to Karate on Saturdays but it is rare. I practice with my martial art weapons (I own quite a few). I get out sometimes but I have hardly anyone living near me. I have many friends from summer camps and I try to get out and hang with them everytime I get a chance.

My yuku Posts

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